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When is the best time to book Summer Holidays?

If you have children then holidays must, by law,be taken during the school holidays. This creates a great demand for all the popular family holiday resorts during these holiday periods. So great can be this demand that the availability of holiday villas and apartments becomes less and less as the Summer Holidays approach.

Although this all must seem common sense, it is surprising just how many people leave the booking of their Summer Holidays for whatever reason, to the last minute.

The result of such delay in reserving the holiday can be both frustration and disappointment in not being able to secure accommodation in the chosen venue for the holiday. Worse still, if the flights have already been booked to the particular holiday destination, the lack of accommodation can become a virtual nightmare !

Typically here are the steps taken;-

Step one :-Searching the web and then finding the apartment or villa in the chosen venue .All of the family agree that this would make a wonderful holiday venue.

Step two : is the enquiry made to the owner who for reasons of his own, does not keep an up-to-date availability calender on his website or does not keep his agent informed of the bookings already made.

Step three : is the step when the disappointment and frustration occurs. The owner or agent replies that the apartment / villa is already booked by other persons for the dates required. This disappointment can be reoccurring and more and more frustrating when the same reply becomes more and more frequent with each enquiry.

So why does this happen?

Perhaps among these reasons for delaying to secure a reservation is the popularity of last minute deals and indecision of where to go. Although it is possible to get some last minute holiday deals, airlines generally offer lower prices for advance bookings and higher prices for last minute bookings and so the gain is offset.

Another possible reason for delaying booking is the fear that illness or other unpredictable events may cause cancellation and loss of money. Of course it is possible to take out insurance against such events happening, but this can be both expensive and generally unnecessary.

So how does one win? Here is a tip to help avoid such disappointment and frustration: -most owners of holiday villas and apartments require a small deposit to secure the holiday booking.This deposit is either fully or 90% refundable in the event of cancellation provided that enough notice is given to enable the booking dates to be offered to others enquiring, This notice period of cancellation is usually around 6-8 weeks. - the deposit paid early enough ,will have you sitting smug, ahead of the competition!

If you are new to the concept of booking your own holiday on- line, the procedure is usually quite simple. Simply search for the holiday country on one or more of the many holiday sites.Then make your enquiry to the owner or agent via their Booking Form or in some cases their Email address.

You will then be sent a booking form for you to complete and return with your booking deposit. Hey Presto you have booked your holiday!

So what is the best time to book your summer holiday?

Why not as early as now, or at the very latest February for ensuring that you have the best choice , beating the rush ,avoiding frustration and disappointment?

About The Author: Ted Ellis Webmaster-Portal for reservations Club Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal